I fall in love with problems and design beautiful solutions.


I advocate for my users, even when no one else does.

I work at Canadian Tire as a User Experience Designer on the Canadian Tire Innovations (CTi) team in Kitchener, Ontario. CTi works with teams across the organization to build prototypes for future internal and external Canadian Tire products and services.  

I am the only designer on the CTi team. My diverse skill set has given CTi a designer they can count on for UX, UI, and visual design work. CTi has made me adaptable. I've learned how to design for different people and fight for them in every situation -- from paper prototyping a mobile app to standing on a ladder and learning how people hang Christmas lights. I will do whatever I can to learn from my users and make a great experience for them.

My Work

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I am a User Experience Designer for Canadian Tire (click here for the full story, also above).
Graduated with a Bachelor's of Global Business and Digital Arts (June, 2017) from the University of Waterloo. I had the highest class average (and lost some sleep).
I love to travel. Last year I went to Bonaire, Ohio, California, Tennessee and Texas!  This year I plan to visit Florida, Ohio and Tennessee.
I am currently learning the fundamentals of web development on Udemy. By the end of this year I want to develop a fully functioning, responsive website with some jQuery animations.
I'm currently playing Stardew Valley and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nintendo is the system I grew up with but I'm always up for trying new games (virtual or board games -- Code Names or Catan, anyone?)

I have been using a computer since I was 18 months old. I knew how to use a mouse before I could walk.

I regularly keep up with design and tech trends, and I like to share my thoughts on Medium:


"From [Abbie’s] first day I challenged her to operate with the skill and capacity of a seasoned designer. She more than met this challenge supporting the entire team, developing our brand language and producing beyond what most of our full time team had set pace for"


~ Brandon Riddell, Ecosystem and Global Sensing Lead, Deloitte (previous: Manager of Canadian Tire Innovations)

"Everyone I know who has worked with Abbie has had nothing but positive things to say. She has a certain talent for organization and intuitive thinking. I have had the pleasure of working with her on multiple projects, and every time she has demonstrated an impressive design-oriented skill set, which has enabled the rest of the team to complete the design projects, and business proposal projects in a timely manner"


~ Austin Fisher, UX Writer, Stadia at Google

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Abbie, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to our team. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, Abbie is an impressive UX designer who was always able to turn ideas into beautifully crafted mock-ups"


~ Jess Keating, Senior Developer, Igloo

"Abbie is truly the most efficient and organized person I have ever worked with. She is dedicated when it comes to creating high quality products. She never fails to amaze me with her talented and creative skills, especially with video editing. Whenever there is a situation in a project, Abbie is dependable and she will be able to solve it easily. With her hard work and compassion, she will always exceed people’s expectations of her excellent work ethic. Overall, I love working with Abbie and it was an honor to be part of her team."


~ Anjelica Maglinao, Senior Analyst and Designer, Scotiabank



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