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FaithTech: Design Lead

I currently lead a small design team for FaithTech, a community of tech people that use their skills to help the marginalized, spread the gospel and/or build up local churches. Currently, the team is working on a re-design of the FaithTech website and a donation page for a missionary organization in India. In addition to leading the design team, I occasionally speak at the weekly meet-ups. The photo on the left is a talk/workshop I gave on paper prototyping. It was a lot of fun! In September, I will also be speaking at Fluxible. Date and time coming soon :)

Daily UI: Dribbble

I recently joined Dribbble and got drafted as a Dribbble Player (thanks Michael Sacca!). As part of building up some content, I have done a couple days worth of the Daily UI challenges. One of my more recent projects was a re-design of Cody Fry's new landing page based on his new single's cover art. I had none of the assets for the cover art, so I remade everything from scratch. It was a lot of fun and Cody later retweeted the image on his twitter (you can see that tweet here). Follow my Dribbble page for more projects coming soon!

Wynsum: uXperience 2nd Place Winner

First Screen
Map Screen
Going to Destination
Going to Destination (Part 2)

uXperience2 2nd Place Winner (University of Waterloo Stratford Campus, October 2016).

Anchor App Editor Concept

Anchor: Select Screen
Anchor: Pop-up Screen
Anchor: Volume Screen
Anchor: Edit Screen
Anchor: Add a Fade Screen

Roles: Product and UX Designer, co-creator, planner.

Summary: In 2017, I really enjoyed recording small, temporary podcasts for an app called Anchor. At the time, Anchor had a feature that let users record segments and then had them disappear in 24 hours. In August, 2017, I began to miss having an audio editor (Anchor didn't have one at the time), so I designed a concept for a mobile app Anchor audio editor in my free time. I focused on actions that were simple and forgiving because it's hard to be precise on a small screen.

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