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CTI: Notable Work


Roles: UX Designer, UI Designer, Visual Designer, Video Editor

Note: Most of the Canadian Tire Innovations (CTI) projects I work on are confidential. I have only mentioned what I am allowed to share on this page.

  • Designed multiple mobile and tablet app prototypes for projects in various stages (one just finished a pilot phase, the others are handed off to corporate teams).

  • Conducted user testing on paper prototypes of mobile and web applications.

  • I organized, conducted and reviewed/reported CTI's first lab-run user test for a product prototype. The project this was conducted for is confidential.

  • Partnered with the Matel WONDER lab to conduct user research for an online platform Canadian Tire was thinking about integrating on the website.

  • Designed all marketing materials for both Pitch Day events held at head office in Toronto (April & November, 2018).

  • Organized, conducted and reviewed multiple user tests (mainly A/B tests, hypothesis/experimental and observation tests) for a custom lab VR experience on the HTC Vive that was created by CTI. Tests were conducted in Kitchener and Toronto.

  • Edited and created various internal and external videos to share our projects with people outside of the lab.

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