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Red Team Challenge_ Final Logo

Roles: Visual Designer

Summary: I designed the branding for an internal event called the Red Team Challenge.

Please note: Due to confidentiality, I cannot disclose information about what the event specifically entailed as this is confidential.


In October, 2018, I designed branding and marketing materials for the Red Team Challenge. During the event, I participated as a design resource. The Red Team Challenge took place in Kitchener, Ontario at the Canadian Tire Digital Garage.


TL;DR: The final logo incorporates different elements of secret teams and infiltration, while also incorporating the Canadian Tire iconic red colour.

Logo sketches - some ideas focused on secrecy, others involved infiltration, and some were just random unsuccessful experiments

My only constraint for the logo was that it should be text-based (e.g. say "Red Team Challenge) as these tend to be more popular at head office. My goal was to capture the meaning of a red team (see link for definition) and still have it feel like Canadian Tire. I chose the Canadian Tire red for the main colour and decided to make the inside letters “invisible” to capture the idea of a secret team. I also specifically chose Montserrat as the base font for the letters because it is a slight variation from Canadian Tire’s main marketing font, Gotham. While many may not recognize the difference, I thought this was a fun little addition to represent the infiltration aspect of a red team.


TL;DR: I spent extra time creating a clean, colourful program for the Red Team Challenge. The result was very positive and I received a request from one of the judges to print 50 more so every top-level executive could see it.

Red Team Challenge: Program (Communitech

The Communitech map I created for the Red Team Challenge Program

In addition to the logo, I also created marketing materials for the event. One of the things I spent extra time on was a clean, colourful, easy-to-follow event program. I invested time in the program because I noticed that much of the internal corporate documents lack colour and attention to detail. Because they are internal and not being shown to the public, internal documents are often text-heavy PowerPoints or dense Microsoft Word documents. For this event, I wanted to make something that would catch the eyes of employees, even if it was an internal event. I used bright colours, cute little isometric people, and even included a cross-word to make people feel like they were going to have fun at this training instead of going to a 2-day long meeting.

The event overall was a hit. The event program got even more attention from employees than I expected — one of the judges asked for 50 more programs to be printed so every top-level executive in the organization could see “how we should go about branding for future events”. The next Red Team Challenge will be held sometime in 2019.



  • The Program: The extra work I put into the program paid off -- employees appreciated how professional it looked, and the design added to the excitement of the event.

  • Branding: Branding approval can sometimes take months, but this logo was approved right away.

Failures/Things I Would Do Differently

  • Emphasize the value of design even more:  The program was a huge hit. Next time, I will consider running a design course during the training to teach people the value of design for their projects.

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