Video Work

Roles: Director, director of photography, video and audio editor.

Roles: Director, planner, visuals editor, camerawoman, lead interviewer, sound editor, director of photography.

Summary: Ever wonder how much information is being collected about you? In Swipe Right, we examine how much information Tinder collects from its users as well as the legitimacy of their privacy policy. Then, we evaluate it using the FIPPS guidelines (November, 2015).

Summary: Square Eyes takes a look at the impacts of screen addictions and includes extensive research and interviews with professors from the University of Waterloo. Square Eyes was one of two documentaries featured at the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus Open House (November 2014).

Tools Used: Final Cut Pro X, Canon 60D, Canon 70D, shotgun microphones.

Tools Used: Canon 70D DSLR Camera, Zoom H4N recorder, shotgun microphone, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro X.

Creators: Abbie Goulet, Anjelica Maglinao, Cherry Vong, Ethan Pelletier, Utharai Thiyagarajah and Sylvie Le.

Creators: Abbie Goulet, Neil Dixon, Tyler Garside and Tina Wei.

Roles: Director, director of photography, editor, planner.

Roles: I did everything except acting and being interviewed (because I was behind the camera).

Summary: Sink or Swim is a documentary about drowning prevention. It was the centrepiece of the Woodstock YMCA's promotional content for Drowning Prevention Week (July, 2015). I created and pitched the concept to my manager and did all the technical, planning, filming and post-production work to make this video happen. As a result, Sink or Swim has over 350 views on Youtube and is still shown at the YMCA of Woodstock today.

Summary: A story about the life of a pencil captured from the pencil’s perspective. A complex narrative that uses interesting camera angles to portray this unique story. Achieved the second highest mark in Digital Project 1 (GBDA 201) (November 2014). 

Creators: Abbie Goulet, Filip Jadczak, Michelle Kostka, Jennifer Rodriguez and Sidra Nadim.

Tools Used: 2 Canon 70D cameras, Go Pro Hero 4, shotgun microphone and Zoom H4N and Final Cut Pro X.

Tools Used: Canon 60D DSLR camera, TASCAM recorder, shotgun microphone and Adobe Premiere.

Roles: Video and special effects editor, camerawoman, co-director of photography, planner, sound editor.

Individual Project (I filmed the event myself and edited video).

Summary: Allison Marchese, Liesl from The Sound of Music, has gone missing and you must follow the clues from a mysterious kidnapper to find her, or the show won’t go on. This is the trailer video for a mobile experience/game intended to be played in Stratford Ontario. To see the website associated with this project - click here


Summary: A themed wedding video for Ken and Cheyenne Prins' special day. This was a barn wedding, and this video captures the happiness of their day, walking down the aisle, the whole wedding party and other little surprises in between. I did everything to make this video happen - it was a challenge to see if I could capture a live event by myself and edit it.

NOTE: This video currently does not work on mobile, and I do not own the rights to this song. This is a personal video and was not meant for commercial use.

Tools Used: 2 Canon 70D cameras, shotgun microphone and Zoom H4N recorder, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

Tools Used: 2 Canon 70D cameras, Go Pro Hero 4, shotgun microphone, Zoom H4N recorder and Final Cut Pro X and lots of camera batteries.

Creators: Abbie Goulet, Utharai Thiyagarajah, Nikita Larter, Lori Fung and Allison Marchese.

Roles: Director, video editor, audio editor, planner, writer

Roles: Project manager, social media manager, video editor.

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