Sound Projects

Individual Project

Summary: A lifeguard's lesson about spinal injuries has an alarming result. An audio narrative that achieved the highest mark out of two sections of GBDA 202. This was also my first experience using Adobe Audition. All sounds are original or under the Creative Commons License (February, 2015).

Tools Used: Adobe Audition, H4N Zoom Recorder, Audio Technica shotgun microphone.

Creators: Abbie Goulet and Luc Wise.

Roles: Lead recorder, editor.

Description: Rainy Day depicts the journey of a person who got caught in a storm and to escape it, he walks into a strange building with different scenes and sounds in each room. This project was intended to experiment with left and right headphone channels, frequencies and volumes to create a truly immersive experience. Full artist statement available on SoundCloud (October, 2015).

Tools Used: Adobe Audition, H4N Zoom Recorder, two Audio Technica shotgun microphones.

Creators: Abbie Goulet, Sarah Park and Shannon Andrews.

Roles: Recorder, lead editor.

Description: Discovery tells the story of a visitor walking into the Stratford Campus atrium for the first time. This is an ambient music piece created for the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus lobby (November, 2015).

Tools Used: Ableton Live, a shotgun microphone and a Zoom H4N audio recorder.

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