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Staff Spotlight layout
Staff Spotlight 6
Staff Spotlight 5!
Staff Spotlight 4!
Staff Spotlight 4!

Individual Project

Summary: YMCA Staff Spotlight was a social media intiative that highlighted 2-4 staff members from the YMCA of Woodstock each week. This campaign ended in August, 2015 and received very positive feedback from staff and members. The second post (the pink membership staff post) reached over 700 people on the YMCA of Woodstock Facebook Page.

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop

Process: I chose this layout because I wanted showcase the employees and have them be instantly recognized by members. The bright colours and images showcase the positive working environment and happy staff members right away. I also followed the YMCA brand guidelines and included their specific banner colours, fonts and sponsor logos.

Roles and Summary: I initiated, managed (through social media) and edited a thank-you video for Blimey Cow (YouTube channel). All communication was done virtually - everyone significantly involved in the production of this video was from the USA, Northern Canada and Australia. I learned how to use Google Communities, how to use Google Drive with large groups of people, and how to efficiently send large video files over the Internet (for free). 

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