Roles: Video manager, planner, co-creator

Summary: Nitromanager is a game created for SapientNitro (Toronto, ON) that teaches players how to manage projects over different geographies (9 week project, November, 2015).

Tools Used: Coded in c# using Unity, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Ilustrator, Final Cut Pro X, Canon 70D, shotgun microphone.

Created by: Abbie Goulet (video manager), Anjelica Maglinao (designer), Ariana Cuvin (designer), Filip Jadczak (developer) and Marissa Harley (document manager and secretary).

 Three levels, fully playable for PC or Mac.

The Process

The Task and The Idea: In September, 2015, SapientNitro (Toronto, ON) wanted us to create a game that taught their employees how to manage projects over different geographies. In our first group brainstorming session, many of us immediately though of creating a game similar to Roller Coaster Tycoon and the Sims because both involve managing something and have fun game mechanics. We wanted to take that concept and apply it to this problem, so we began thinking about how a game like Roller Coaster Tycoon could be changed to solve a problem about time management in an office. This brainstorming led to the first iteration of what would later be called NitroManager.

Update Video 1: Pitching the concept

(unlisted on Youtube for client considerations)

Prototyping and Problems: After coming up with the idea, we went to prototyping and designing. A few challenges arose during this process. First, the two designers started off by using two different styles of design, which meant the characters (created by one designer) were unable to sit at the desks (created by the other designer). Second, our original plan was to use Stencyl (recommended by our professor) to create the game, but after a few hours of using it we were unable to accomplish what we wanted. To solve the first problem, we had the designers collaborate and streamline the design. The second problem was solved by switching to Unity to code the game. Below is the second update video, created about halfway through the project. 

Update Video 2: Developing the Game

User-testing: After this prototype, we began user-testing. Many of our users enjoyed parts of the game even at this early stage (our very first user-tested prototype had one girl sitting at a desk). After adding more characters and interactions, users enjoyed keeping the office busy. Some suggestions we got from our users included making "ad-block" available in the store and increasing the speed of the game. Our user-testing was extremely valuable and helped us in developing the final prototype (showcased below).

Update Video 3: The Final Prototype

Full Gameplay Video

(if you do not want to download the game but still want to see it, you can watch someone else play it here!)

The Showcase: At the final game showcase, classmates and professors from other courses were lining up to play our game. Many of them stayed for longer than we had anticipated, anxiously trying to complete the three in-game projects. They also enjoyed the videos, stickers, posters and t-shirts that we had at our station during the showcase. Overall, I am very proud of this project. We worked really well as a team and despite the problems that arose we were able to find solutions to overcome them. Below are some photos of the event.

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