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Roles: Director, video editor, audio editor, planner, writer.

Description: A team of students and I created a documentary about Youtube's economic impact on Canadian and American economies. My goal with this project was to clearly present each point and really emphasize how much YouTube has impacted the economy (big impact!). Clean, smooth cuts, blurring transitions, a consistent format and well-written script all helped achieve this goal.

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Canon 70D, shotgun microphone.

Created by: Abbie Goulet, Susan Sun, Samuel Yee and Anjelica Maglinao (see credits for roles).


Chris Howard (Pun Diddley)

Laura Rychlik

Paint (Jon Cozart)

Josh Taylor (Blimey Cow)

Rhiannon Melvin (omgitsrhirhi)

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