Design and Branding

Canadian Tire Innovations Brand Language

Role: Designer (I was the sole designer for this project).

Summary: For full project process and description, click here.

Two App Designs: Canadian Tire Innovations


Role: Designer (I was the sole designer for these).

Summary: I designed two clickable prototype applications for Canadian Tire Innovations. Both of these designs incorporated Material Design and the Canadian Tire brand guidelines. The status for both of these projects is currently under review and details are confidential. Stay tuned! 

(Updated: November, 2016).

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Invision.


Roles: Project Manager, co-designer, user experience designer, video creator and animator.

For full project summary, click here.


Wynsum: uXperience 2nd Place Winner

First Screen
Map Screen
Going to Destination
Going to Destination2

Roles: Visual and UX Designer, co-creator, planner.

Creators: Abbie Goulet, Alex, Marium and Nicole.

uXperience2 2nd Place Winner (University of Waterloo Stratford Campus, October 2016).

Summary: I entered the uXperience2 48-hour user experience design camp in October 2016. The challenge was to enhance the connectivity of Stratford Ontario. My team and I created Wynsum, a web-based app that gamifies the exploration of Stratford, Ontario using technology found in apps like the Geocaching app and Pokemon Go, as well as incorporating Bluetooth beacons and augmented reality. The app was designed to be simple, easy to navigate and incorporate the familiar colours of the Stratford Festival. The gallery above features the five screens I designed, and below are the paper prototypes we created and information we gathered from user-testing.

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator, Sketch.


Process: As a group, we spent over 8 hours brainstorming. There were very little restrictions on the challenge, meaning that there were many directions we could go in. To narrow our focus, Alex and I did some user interviews with people around Stratford Ontario and Marium and Nicole did secondary research on successful applications that have enhanced the connectivity of cities similar to Stratford. The above gallery are notes from the user interviews we conducted in Stratford, Ontario. After the user interviews, Marium suggested the idea of a game similar to Pokemon Go that helped people explore Stratford. 


Process (Part 2): Once we had our idea, I created the paper prototypes, which were inspired by applications that I liked and other applications (e.g. Pokemon Go) that were similar to our idea. Once they were finished, we began testing them during the user-testing portion of the design camp. When talking to users, we found that they liked the idea of having a city-wide game, however, some commented that it may not be exciting enough for users to play. They said there was not enough motivation to play and it felt too similar to other applications. One user who worked for Stratford Tourism suggested that we implement augmented reality into the game so that, once users went inside the location, they could have an experience that was unlike anything they could find on a computer screen or in a Google Search. He also suggested that the application be web-based, so users do not have to download an application before they play. We loved both of these ideas and implemented them very soon after this test. After talking through the changes with one of our mentors, she suggested incorporating Bluetooth beacon technology so the application could know where the user was inside of a building and feature content related to that specific spot in the building. The above gallery shows our paper prototypes that we used for user-testing. The gallery at the beginning of this post shows the final design. You can also find our 1-minute pitch script by clicking the button below.

Healsii: App Design

Healssi 16
Healssi 14
Suggestions Page.jpeg
Healssi 12
Healssi 9
Suggestions Page.jpeg-2
Healssi 7
Chart Page.jpeg
Healssi 6
Healssi 5
Healssi 3
Healssi 2

Roles: Co-Creator, planner, user-test video creator and editor.

Summary: Healsii is an idea for mobile app that takes a user’s grocery list and suggests healthier alternatives and where to buy them. This was created for my GBDA 103 (User Experience Design) class. In developing the idea for this application we made wireframes, conducted user testing, created personas and created a full presentation that was presented to our professor and other industry representatives (November, 2013).

Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, myBalsamiq, Final Cut Pro X.

Process: We chose green and white as the main colours for the application because green is often associated with health and fitness, and white makes the colours of the featured food stand out. 

The interface is simple and user-friendly, with easy-to-read descriptions and clean layout.

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