Canadian Tire Innovations: Branding

Role: Designer (I was the sole designer for this project).

Summary: I created Canadian Tire Innovations brand language (that is now being used today).

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator.

The Process

The Beginning: In May, 2016, I was asked to create an official logo for Canadian Tire Innovations. From the start, both Brandon (CTi manager at the time) and I wanted to keep a strong connection to the Canadian Tire brand.


Research: After a little bit of research and an orientation session, I quickly learned that Canadian Tire has a strong dedication to innovation, with a goal of being the most innovative retailer in the world. One of the ways they plan to achieve this goal is through Canadian Tire Innovations. I wanted to highlight their innovative mission in a way that was bold, clean and sophisticated. Gotham Bold is a modern, clean font, and I later discovered that it was already being used in some of Canadian Tire's most recent marketing campaigns. This made Gotham the ideal choice for the logo.

The Final Product: I experimented with some different shapes around the triangle (see above - very rough sketches), but settled on combining Gotham Light and Gotham Bold with the Canadian Tire Triangle. I like this design because it's clean, boldly states Canadian Tire's goal of being an innovative retailer while staying true to their brand, and looks great printed or on-screen, big or small. This brand language is now the official brand language used by Canadian Tire Innovations, so if you're in Communitech or the Digital Garage, you can see it on their more recent documents and new t-shirts. 

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